- Wash your face with Meejee to have baby soft and smooth skin within your very first week. 

- Quickly and effectively remove all traces of makeup after a long day and save precious time.

- Effectively keep your pores clean to prevent unwanted breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads and have clear skin that you'll definitely feel and look great in.

- Waterproof so you can shower while you clean your face with Meejee.

- Completely safe and very easy to use right out of the box. 

- Many satisfied and happy Meejee users from our Verified Reviewers with quick results.

How to use Meejee?
As quick and easy as how you currently wash your face, but using Meejee instead of only your hands to get a much better clean. 

Meejee brings you quicker and better results in the comfort of your own home. With no visits to the spa clinic required to achieve these immediate results. 

"The Best for Smooth and Clear Skin"

After you experience washing your face with Meejee, you'll be wondering why you didn't upgrade from just cleansing with your hands sooner.

Disclaimer: Current sale price is subject to end at our discretion or stock availability



What is Meejee?

Meejee is an innovative facial cleansing device with soft silicone bristles that transfer high frequency pulsations onto your skin and pores as you cleanse. Giving you a more thorough cleanse to remove dead skin, dirt and makeup after a long day. Resulting in Clear, Smooth and Make-up free skin for you. All in only minutes

The unique shape of Meejee also allows the device to more comfortably fit into your hand as compared to other similar cleansing tools. This makes Meejee much easier to handle and also allowing you to more effectively cleanse the tough to reach spots around your nose area.

Who is Meejee for?

For people that want Smooth and Soft Skin.
Meejee will make your skin softer and smoother after your very first week - assuming you currently only use your hands during your cleansing step. 

Meejee does this by gently, yet thoroughly exfoliating layers of dead skin that wouldn't normally be removed by cleansing with hands alone. Revealing softer layers of skin underneath. 

If you want to remove makeup more quickly

Removing makeup has never been quicker and easier. Especially if you're currently just using your hands. Saving you time and effort after a long day.

Meejee will help clear your skin. 

Clogged and dirty pores are often the culprit to blemished skin and breakouts. Meejee will assist in cleaning out your dirty pores, head on attacking these breakout culprits. At the same time, removing dead skin cells that are home to nasty bacteria that can also cause those frustrating breakouts when you least want it. Therefore making it the perfect cleansing step in your routine to help address breakouts before they happen.

How to meejee?

As quick and easy as how you currently wash your face now, but using Meejee instead of only your hands to get a MUCH better clean. The Quickest and Easiest way to having Better Skin.

  1. Apply your favourite cleanser to your face 
  2. Turn on and wet your Meejee 
  3. Gently glide Meejee in circular motions in the different zones of your face for 1 minute to cleanse 
  4.  Rinse and you're done. It's that easy :)


Soft & Smooth Skin

Gently remove dead skin when you meejee, revealing softer and smoother skin after your very first week ❤️ 

Yes, you heard it correct, smoother skin from your very first week 🙂

Makeup-free Skin 

Dread removing makeup at the end of the day?
Save yourself plenty of time and effort by quickly and effectively removing all traces of makeup after a long day with Meejee.

Clear & Clean Skin

Meejee will help bring out the nasties from your pores, where they will then be cleansed away as you wash your face 😮 

Glowing Skin 

As you gently exfoliate and loosen older skin, you'll also gradually over time reveal a layer of new and brighter skin underneath. It's as simple as that 😉 

Say bye bye to dull old skin and hello to a brighter glowing complexion.


Anti-Aging Massage 

Flip Meejee over to the other side and it will also give you a much needed face massage after a long day (and possibly combined with your favorite serums). 

This is to relax and loosen your tense facial and neck muscles to prevent further wrinkles and fine lines from appearing. 

At the same time, Meejee will even ease the ones that may already be present with continued and daily usage 😮

Design for Tired Eyes 

Yes! You can use Meejee to meejee away tired eyes and reduce those pesky fine lines. 

The unique shape on the back of Meejee with its gentle curves is designed to be safe to use around your eyes.


Yes there's more :)

Hygienic Silicone

No raggy unhygienic brush heads from old style facial brushes. 

No need to spend money replacing nylon brush heads. 

Simply wash your Meejee in soapy water for it to be as good as new.


You can certainly meejee in the shower and save precious time :)

Ultra Soft Bristles

Specifically designed to be gentle for your delicate facial skin. 

With a generous amount of bristles over two zones allowing you to target different parts of your face.

High Frequency Pulsations 

Meejee is working hard for you delivering between up to 8000 effective pulsations every minute. 

Anything from gentle to a tad bit faster, all depending on your preferences and how your skin likes it.

Auto shut off after 10 minutes 

We're all only human, we do sometimes forget - but not Meejee. It has your back (well, skin in this case). 

Making sure you still have enough power for your next cleanse. 

Intelligent Memory 

To remember your last vibration speed setting. 

Allowing you to jump right into your meejee-ing ritual each and every time. 

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Julie A.
Norway Norway
I recommend this product

Upgraded my cleansing routine

The Meejee has really improved my skin! I had a bit of texture on my chin that is now gone after cleansing with the Meejee cleansing tool. My skin overall feels smoother and more clean. The shape also makes it easier to clean my nose.

  • Skin type CombinationOily
  • My Skincare Goals Clear PoresSoft & Smooth Skin
Julie A. verified customer review of Meejee
Ammarah A.
Pakistan Pakistan
I recommend this product

love it!

honestly, i makes my skin so smooth and nice without irritating.

  • Skin type Sensitive
  • My Skincare Goals Clear from Acne
Jamar J.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Awesome, Simply Awesome!

I love the Meejee! It’s truly a great addition to your makeup removal and skincare routine. I did a video on it to share my love for the Meejee on my Tik Tok: It has honestly improved the feel of my skin. My skin is soft, smooth, and some blackheads I had are starting to clear. Being a beauty content creator, I’m always in makeup and the meejee has taken my makeup removal process from 45 Mins to 8 mins and the devicenis super east to clean. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone looking to improve their skincare and makeup wearers looking to spend less time removing their makeup.

  • Skin type Normal
  • My Skincare Goals Clear PoresSoft & Smooth SkinBetter remove make-up
Jenny W.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Never knew a cleansing device could change so much!

Meejee has definitely made my skin smoother without the harsh tugging and pulling! definitely something that is permanently included in my routine!

  • Skin type DryCombinationSensitive
  • My Skincare Goals Soft & Smooth Skin
Jenny W. verified customer review of Meejee

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