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trees, plastic bottles, recycling…

See how each meejee purchase is helping the planet.

your purchase helps fight deforestation

throughout Earth Week, we’re donating 20% of proceeds to OneTreePlanted to fight global deforestation

you buy one,
we plant 15 trees

over 1,000,000 bottles saved

when you buy a meejee, you also prevent 100 plastic bottles from entering the ocean.

our partnership with PlasticBank has stopped over 1 million bottles already (4.4 million pounds)

the money also supports improved access to employment, education, and technology for the collectors in developing countries.

did you know?

meejee's are made using recycled plastic. Our facial globes are made with a bio-degradable and non-toxic gel inside. All of our packaging is now plastic-free.


We'll recycle your meejee for you, for free. Simply send us an email at

The electronic parts will be taken to a special electronics recycling facility, the plastic is either sent to a plastic recycling plant or ground up and reshaped into pellets to be used in another device. The silicone is sent to a special silicone recycling facility.

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you buy one, we plant 15 trees