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Take our short skincare quiz to find out if meejee's award winning facial cleansing massager is right for you.

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meejee facial cleansing massager

271 reviews

meejee is an award-winning skincare tool that uses sonic pulses and soft silicone bristles to purify pores, revitalize skin, remove makup and reduce signs of aging. meejee offers the best bang for your buck of any cleanser on the market.

Just a few minutes per day for softer, smoother and clearer skin.


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saves 100 ocean-bound plastic bottles. learn more

BPA-free, cruelty-free & ethically-sourced

silicone superpowers.

Sonic pulses and hundreds of soft antimicrobial silicone bristles.

meejee's micro-vibrations penetrate deep into pores to break up and wash away skin-harming impurities while providing a targeted massage that is proven to increase your skin's collagen production, blood flow, and new cell growth.

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trusted by 20,000+ satisfied customers

cleanse your face in 4 easy steps

1. apply cleanser

Remove any makeup and wet your face and your meejee. Apply your favorite cleanser to either your face or meejee’s cleansing zone.

2. power on & adjust

Press the center button once to power on your meejee. Press and hold the “+” or “-“ buttons to adjust the sonic pulse intensity to your desired level.

3. cleanse

Using small circular motions, gently cleanse the areas of your face shown in the diagram for 15-30 seconds each. Feel free to add additional cleanser as needed.

4. rinse, dry, & enjoy

Rinse and dry both your face and your meejee. Take a moment to obsess about how soft your skin is. Then, continue with the rest of your skincare routine.

not just another facial massager


spin brushes

one-time investment

need to replace brush heads


grows bacteria

ultra gentle on skin

irritates skin


similar devices

most affordable device on market

$30-$170 more expensive

arguably cuter

arguably less cute


non eco-conscious


your hand

cleans deep within pores

can’t clean within pores

increases collagen production

doesn’t increase collagen


spreads bacteria

3 more reasons to choose meejee

1,500,000+ bottles saved

We’ve partnered with Plastic Bank. Not only does each meejee stops 100 bottles from entering the ocean.

Plastic Bank also provides work and a liveable wage for coastal communities around the world.

12 months on a single charge

Recharge over and over again without ever having to replace batteries.

recyled plastic

Made of recycled plastic, without wasteful replacement brush heads.

P.S. Did you know that we'll recycle your meejee for you for free? Just email us at