full page coming soon!

Our full sustainability page is coming soon along with some exciting eco-related announcements! For now, feel free to learn more about our awesome new partnership with PlasticBank below.
We’ve teamed up with an amazing organization known as PlasticBank to recover 4.4 lbs. of ocean-bound plastic (equivalent to 100 plastic bottles) for every meejee purchase, with a guarantee to recover a minimum of one million ocean-bound bottles in our first year. Not only does this help close the plastic loop, it also improves the lives of the collectors in developing areas at each PlasticBank location who are provided higher than living wages through receiving above-market rates for the materials they collect. The program and our impact are fully transparent/traceable using real-time collection data stored with blockchain technology. More info and updates to come! You can learn more about Plastic Bank at plasticbank.com and follow us on instagram here if you'd like to stay in the loop.