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Our award-winning facial cleansing massager, along with our popular cooling facial globes.

silicone superpowers.

A deep clean shouldn't come at the cost of irritation. meejee's ultra soft silicone allows you to get a super deep clean with zero abrasion, and is gentle enough for all skin types. Plus, our silicone is antimicrobial, so you and your skincare routine stay germ free.

What are sonic pulses and how do they help clean out my pores?

The sonic pulses that meejee produces are micro vibrations set to what we internally refer to as the “magic frequency range”. Some of of our team members call it the “meegic frequency range”, but most of us think that’s corny.  

Regardless, when channeled through meejee’s bristles, thousands of vibrational pulses in this frequency travel below the surface of your skin and rapidly vibrate the clumps of unwanted, skin-harming material stuck inside your pores. This rapid vibration causes the material to become loose and break apart, allowing for your cleanser to swoop in and wash away the remnants.

Why is it important to clean below the surface of my skin?

Acne and other skin-related issues don't form on the surface of skin, they form below the surface, inside of pores.

This sounds too good to be true. Are these claims based in actual science?

Yes they are! The mechanism behind meejee's sonic pulses was derived from a scientific process known as "sonication", where sound energy is used to agitate and break apart particles in a sample, often using water a medium. We took this same principle, applied it to skin, and found a frequency range that's great at clearing out impurities from pores without irritating or damaging the surrounding skin.

Partly by accident, we also discovered that sonic pulses have a ton of other awesome benefits for skin. One of which being that the micro-massaging effect of sonic pulses has been clinically shown to reduce signs of aging by increasing the expression of vital dermis proteins like collagen and elastin that are responsible for giving skin it's firmness, elasticity, and youthfulness. Click here to read the study.

How often should I use my facial cleansing massager?

This depends entirely on what your skin responds best to! Some of our customers see best results from using it twice a day, and some of our customers see best results from using it once a week. Everyone’s skin is different, so it’s important to find the right frequency for you and your skin. We recommend starting out by using it once a day on a low intensity setting, and increasing/decreasing the frequency and intensity based on how your skin responds. 

We’re also here to offer help and advice on how to get the most out of your meejee if you ever need it! Shoot us an email at and we’ll help! 

Is the facial cleansing massager waterproof and can I use it in the shower?

Yes and yes! meejee's IPX8 waterproof rating means that you can use it in the shower, the bath, the pool, the rain, or whatever else you're into. We don't judge, we just make it possible. 

In our opinion, the shower is the best place to use meejee!

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