clear, youthful
skin made easy.

meet meejee, a silicone cleansing massager
made for better skin.

    skincare that actually works.

    Say hello to meejee, the silicone cleansing massager made to give you the skin of your dreams. Its signature combo of pore-penetrating sonic pulses and super soft silicone makes it a highly effective solution for a variety of skin concerns and leaves your skin feeling softer, smoother, and healthier in only a few minutes a day.

    fight acne at the source.

    Meejee's sonic pulses destroy blemishes at the source by breaking apart and lifting out acne-causing impurities from the depths of your pores while increasing cleanser absorption and promoting blood circulation to accelerate your skin's healing process. So you can say goodbye to acne and say hello to better skin.

    get your glow on.

    Use meejee daily to gently exfoliate away old, dead skin cells, giving you a noticeably radiant complexion and the softest skin you've ever felt - without any of the irritation you've come to expect from exfoliating.

    cleanse, for real this time.

    • deep-cleaning

      Meejee's high-frequency sonic pulses reach deep into pores to break up and lift out all of the dirt, oil, makeup, and other gunk that our hands can't reach.

    • ultra-gentle

      Meejee's ultra soft silicone construction means you can still get a super deep clean without any irritation. It's non-abrasive and perfect for every skin type.

    • germ-resistant

      Made from antimicrobial silicone, meejee naturally resists the buildup of bacteria, keeping it as clean as you will be. 

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    replacement charger


    A replacement charging cable for your meejee cleansing massager.

    Price includes domestic shipping costs. 

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